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Sea Freight

Bloomcorp, as your freight forwarder, offer our sea freight services from and to all major destinations around the world.

Sea freight service is by far the most common and cost-effective way of moving of cargo to and from Australia. The goods are shipped depending on their volume that is measured through consolidating the shipment, by LCL (less-than-container-load), by FCL (full container load) or as oversized cargo (cargo that doesn’t fit a standard size container).


Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest form of transit for your cargo, which businesses find very useful for fast stock updates and priority deliveries.

Air freight is more expensive than other means of transport, but it is extremely reliable.

Air freight services can be scheduled to the hour, meaning you know when your delivery will arrive to it’s destination. This is useful for both international and domestic transit.


We offer customs clearance services from any of Australian ports covering all types of entries. The Australian Customs and Quarantine clearance process can be daunting, requiring extensive documentation including permits and certificates, and we understand that clearance delays can result in increased costs and inconvenience to you.

In order for us to arrange customs clearance on your shipment we generally require the commercial invoice and packing list from the supplier and a copy of the bill of lading. If you are already utilising our other freight forwarding services, we will already have these documents on hand.

Once we have obtained the duty figures, we will send you an invoice for all charges due. When the duty is paid we’ll clear the consignment with customs and then the shipment will be cleared for free circulation within Australia.

Please contact us for a price for customs clearance of your FCL or LCL shipments.

However complex the customs clearance issue, Bloomcorp will deal with customs directly and professionally ensuring a smooth customs clearance process.

Bonded Warehousing

A customs bonded warehouse is a secure space which allows you to store goods imported from outside of Australia before they reach their final destination. Importing and exporting from overseas trade zones can become costly, so bonded warehousing is an advantageous way to manage the expenses – taxes and duties – with these charges deferred until the goods are removed from the bonded warehouse.

Businesses may use customs bonded warehouses to store their imported goods if they’re unsure of their final destination or as temporary storage if they plan to re-export goods outside of Australia.

There are various instances where customs bonded warehouses make for the ideal solution. These include the likes of the following;

  • When using a customs bonded warehouse for storage, the payment of duties and taxes are deferred until the goods and/or cargo are released. This may be a suitable solution if you are reliant on cash flow to cover the duty and tax component.
  • Customs bonded warehouses are manned by 24/7 security and CCTV, providing additional security to your goods.
  • You may wish to opt for long term, allowing your goods to be secure without the need to pay duties and taxes.
  • If you have imported restricted goods, you can use a bonded warehouse facility to safely store products while undertaking any legalities to complete the import.

Transport Insurance

While taking the greatest of care with all shipments, like all industries loss or damage will occasionally happen during transit.  Although cargo usually arrives without any issues, it is possible that incidents can occur such as:

  • Major ocean vessel, aircraft or road accident.
  • Minor accidents due to loading / unloading / general handling.
  • Theft
  • Lost cargo
  • Water Damage

Most carriers have exemptions within their terms and conditions, meaning that if you choose to send your cargo without insurance, the monetary risk falls back on you if the worst was to happen.

Transport insurance for your cargo is very cheap and provides peace of mind during your shipment. We are pleased to be able to offer a price for insuring your cargo which can be added to your freight quotation.


Scrap Metal

We are experienced in organising containerised scrap metal cargo from Australia to the Far East, Indian sub continent and the rest of the World.

Dealing direct with some of the worlds largest metal scrap traders and Australia’s biggest exporters we have built a strong understanding of this niche market. We have vast experience with ferrous and non-ferrous material exports from Australia, and able to offer competitive rates at most destinations.

We have strong relationships with all major shipping lines who accept this commodity.

  • Non Ferrous
  • Ferrous
  • Doors to cab end (if required)
  • Competitive Door / Quay rates
  • Direct bookings with the shipping line
  • Customs clearance and brokerage services

We understand the market and the needs of the seller and buyer in any scrap metal contract, and can organise freight solutions to suit your needs.

We handle all aspects of the logistics movement from container booking through to sailing.

Whatever you need from freight transport, Bloomcorp offers fast, safe, affordable solutions every time. We’ve got this!



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